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Tax Preparation Pricing & Payment Options

I charge much less than a CPA or attorney, and less even than those big chain tax stores. That’s because I don’t have the overhead of a large office or national TV advertising. Most others won’t even tell you their prices until after you are already in their office, after it is too much trouble to leave.

I don’t nickle-and-dime you with extra fees. I don’t charge extra for printing, postage, e-file, direct debit/deposit, or services you don’t need. I don’t sell financial products like high-interest loans, credit cards, or refund advance schemes.

My pricing is straightforward, based only on the complexity of your tax return. Prices begin at $139.00 for a basic 1040 return. A typical 1040 with itemized deductions will cost between $189-239. (These prices include both the federal and state return.) If you have self-employment or rental income, investment income or losses, or other situations requiring additional forms, it will be a little more. Contact me for a personalized quote based on your tax situation. Try getting that from a big chain tax store!

Services Included at No Extra Charge

  • Virtual Tax Service – face-to-face video meeting, live phone call, e-mail and e-signature available
  • E-file with Direct Deposit – receive your refund in as little as 10 days
  • Audit Protection – I review your return for potential “red flags” with the IRS, and help you respond if the IRS contacts you
  • Tax Reduction Strategies – things you can do now to save on taxes next year
  • Return Archival – I keep an encrypted, secure copy of your tax return for 10 years and provide you with a free copy upon request

Payment Options

I accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, Venmo, Zelle, and Cash App. You can make your payment online here.

If you owe taxes, they can be paid by check or direct debit from your bank account, or with a credit card.* I can also help you get a payment plan with the IRS if you cannot afford to pay your tax bill all at once.

* A 2.5% fee is charged by the government’s payment provider on taxes paid with a credit card.
     I never charge an extra fee for using a credit card to pay for my services.