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If you didn’t file your tax return last year, it’s not too late. Even if you haven’t filed for several years, I can help. The important thing is to file your return(s) as soon as possible, even if you are unable to pay the entire balance due. The IRS assesses separate penalties for failure to file and failure to pay, which increase every month the return is late. Filing a return will at least stop the late filing penalties from increasing.

Just because you haven’t received a notice from the IRS doesn’t mean that they have forgotten you. The IRS doesn’t forget. If you ignore the problem it will not go away. The IRS has the power to seize assets and garnish wages. Don’t let it get that far. If you can’t pay the entire amount of taxes you owe, you may be able to take up to 6 years to pay with an installment program from the IRS.

You could even have a refund or tax rebate coming and not know about it–filing your late returns could actually result in payment to you. You have up to 3 years to claim your refund(s).

Contact me today and let me help bring you peace of mind by taking care of your late tax returns.